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Richard Bostock Fine Artist Staffordshire

“I used to think I had nothing valuable to say and no right to dream.
A blinding flash of light has extinguished my doubt and now illuminates my art.”

Pavilion Woods at Ingestre


Pavilion Woods at Ingestre. Seasonal light, with scattered leaves and translucency where the leaves cling on. People think I make up the colour but this is not so. I always see my colour and my paintings are always true to my vision. I may draw out the colours I think are most beautiful, but I always see them. This painting is my emotional response to what I see. Imagine you are walking in this painting. If you can feel the colour and the light in this way then you can feel what I feel when I’m painting.

Challenge: In which season was this painted? (Scroll down for answer)


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Challenge Answer:

Deciduous trees all change their colour and lose their leaves in Autumn.

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